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Machinery Scandinavia AB

100 years of drillmaking in Sweden

Machinery Scandinavia AB has more than 100 years of experience in producing high quality, reliable Gear Driven Drilling Machines and Mill/Drills. Today we are a global leader in the manufacture of these machines and export our products worldwide. In Scandinavia, we can boast in having over 80% market share, and no matter which continent you may be visiting, with our strong brands, you will always come across Drilling Machines originating from our small town of Rosenfors – MADE IN SWEDEN !

Over the years we have gained a broad knowledge of machine tool manufacturing. Today, in addition to the popular Drilling Machine brands, we also offer our customers customized subcontracting solutions too.

We care very much about our customers and our products! With our exceptional levels of service and personal contact at every stage, you as our customer can feel totally confident about Machinery Scandinavia AB being a top supplier!

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