Column drilling machine SE 2030 (M)

Drilling capacity: 30mm

Quill movement: 150mm

Distance drill - column: 320mm


SOLBERGA SE2030 has a drilling capacity of 30mm. Helical gears combined with steel gears against reinforced fibre gears in the main gear box ensures higher operation efficiency, a powerful drive mechanism
and smooth operation. SE 2030 is standard-equipped with a handreversing switch. Both the drill head and the table arm are adjustable 360° around the column and can be raised and lowered.

SOLBERGA SE2030M: When the set drill depth is reached, the spindle will automatically return to the starting point. The feed gear box is provided with an automatic overload protection device, which intervenes, when the drill pressure is too high. The feed can also be interrupted manually.

Chuck guard with micro switch is standard for machines within CE area.

Is also avaliable as bench drilling machine.