Column drilling machine SE 2035 (M, ELM)

Drilling capacity: 35mm

Quill movement: 150mm

Distance drill - column: 320mm

The gear box is built according to our well known approved technique for highest torque. Helical gears combined with steel gears against reinforced fiber gears ensure strong gear teeth’s, longer lifetime, low sound level and a more or less maintenance free gear box.

Both Drill head and table arm are turn able 360° around the column and also adjustable.

Working table is turn able 360° around its own center.

Drill guard with micro switch is standard within the CE-area

SOLBERGA SE 2035  – Manuel feed.

SOLBERGA SE 2035 M – Automatic power feed to simplify the work for the operator. Hole in one!

SOLBERGA SE 2035  ELM: Automatic power feed with electromagnetic clutch. Start/Stop of the automatic feed is handled by buttons at the top of the feed lever. Hole in one!

Automatic reversing for tapping is standard for SOLBERGA SE 2035  ELM