Spare parts & service

Spare parts & service

We take pride in providing a full range of spare parts for all the products that we manufactur. Reliability is something which we at Machinery Scandinavia AB pride ourselves in. As user of our products you can rely on a quick response to any inquiry.

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State machine model with serial number and the desired parts.

All our spare part deliveries are shipped with DHL Express

We only sell through our dealers. Let us know where you are located and we can give you contact details and correct item number.

Return spring 4CS1128

For older models only:

S68, S32M, CS30, RS25, S53


W = 20mm

Return spring 4C03026

For older models only:

U2508, A2508, G2508, G2512, E/ER/EM 825, E100


L = 1600mm

W = 20mm

Returnspring 2X02556

For 40mm machines except 40ME/ELM.


Also for older Arboga U1 and combi machine 40U.

Chuckguard 16009055R alt. 16009050R

Chuck guard with (16009055R) or without (16009050R) microswitch. Suitable for 25 – 35mm machines and for older types like S68, S32ME and IG(M) 30-8.


For G2508, G2512 we have an Assembly kit. Contact us for item number.


For U2508, E-series (E100, E825 etc.) and older Radial Drilling Machines we have no chuck guard that fits.



Gear selector handle 2XS0653 / 2XS0653-3

Gear selector handle for older machines, replacement for original item that is no longer available.

For S68, S32ME, IG30-8 use item number 2XS0653

For G2508-2512, U2508, E100, E825 etc. use item number 2XS0653-3


If you are not sure, please contact us first.

Worm Wheel 2I04408R

Worm Wheel for raising/lowering tablearm on 40mm machines.


Also for older machines: Arboga U1, GM3512


Ø 40mm

Fibre Gear Wheel 45-2 2H02652R

For 5:th shaft 40mm maskiner.


Also for older machines: 40U, 40mm Radial Drilling Machine, Arboga U1, U1 Combi, U1 RLM


Ø 98,73mm

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