Solberga – Drilling machines made in Sweden

SOLBERGA is the oldest Swedish manufacturer of drill presses, dating back to 1875. After first importing machines from Germany, the company started about 1910 the production of drill presses and sales in Sweden.

Until about 1980 SOLBERGA made also special machines to Swedish industry. The brand and the company were sold in 1986 to Arboga Machinery AB, which in turn was acquired by Strands AB in the late 80’s.

Solberga Drills presses have always been the most famous for production use and is today a well-established brand on the export market, particularly in the North American market. The brand offers a wide range of drill presses in various sizes (25-40 mm) and designs.

Product range includes machines:

• SE 2025, SE 2025 M, SE2025T (25 mm)
• SE 2030, SE 2030 M (30 mm)
• EN 2035, EN 2035 M, 2035 SE ELM (35 mm)
• SE 2040 SE 2040 M, 2040 SE ELM (40mm)

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