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Column drilling machine A2608

Arboga A2308/A2608 is made in Sweden with 25 mm drill capacity. Machines are available both with Manual feed and Automatic power feed for efficient drilling.
Both Drillhead and table arm are turnable 360° around the column and also hightadjustable . Drillguard with microswitch is standard within the CE-area.

Arboga A2308  –  Manual feed (MT 2)
Arboga A2308B  –  Bench model with manual feed (MT 2)
Arboga A2608  – Manual feed
Arboga A2608B  – Bench model with manual feed
Arboga A2608M  – Automatic power feed to simplify the work. Hole in one!
Arboga A2608BM  – Bench model with Automatic power feed
Arboga A2608T – Manual feed. Machine is equipped with a top-motor, which is dust and waterproof according to IP-54 standard. Option: 120V 1-Phase and 230V 1-Phase

More information

The gear box is built according to our well known approved technique for highest torque.

Helical gears combined with steel gears against reinforced fiber gears ensure strong gear teeth’s, longer lifetime, low sound level and a more or less maintenance free gear box.

Technical specifications

Drilling capacity: 25 mm
Quill movement: 130 mm
Distance drill – column: 255 mm


Tool Package MT3

Tool Package MT3 includes:

– Machine vice 120 mm jaws,
– 2 x T-slot nuts
– Chuck 1-13 mm B 16 Metabo with arbor MT 3
– Reduction sleeve no MT3/MT2
– Reduction sleeve no MT3/MT1

Drillchuck MT3 with arbor

Drillchuck 0-13mm (B16) or 3-16mm (B18) with arbor MT3, Metabo Futuro Top

Milling chuck MT3

Milling chuck ER MT3 with Collets 6, 8, 10, 12, 16mm

MSC Working light, Led lamp


Coolant complete with tubes

Coordinate table FB102

Clamping area 584×242 mm
Longitudinal feed 415 mm. Cross feed 155 mm
Incl. intermediate plate.