Drilling- and Millingmachine IMA I 28 U

IMA I 28 U is a 25 mm universal milling- / drilling machine. The gearbox is built according to our experienced methods for highest possible torque.
The machine is equipped with a coordinate table with 3 T-slots and coolant channel. Special option: automatic longitudinal feed. There is a wheel on the front of the drill for fine feed. The fine feed ensures a smooth and accurate setting of the cutting depth during milling. When milling, the quill can be locked in the desired position.

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More information

The machine is suitable for drilling, broaching, tapping and milling. The drill head can be raised and lowered and turned 0-45° vertically to either side. The angular position can be adjusted towards a graduated scale.

Chuck guard with micro switch is standard for machines within CE area.

Technical specifications

Drilling capacity: 25 mm
Quill movement: 130 mm
Distance drill – column: 258 mm


Emergency foot switch

Also available with retractive button.

Connection cable

Cable 3 m or 5 m, with 16A CE plug.

Threaded spindle nose with locking nut

Threaded spindle nose with locking nut for securing milling chuck with collets.

Digital depth stop readout

Digital readout for drill depth.

Machined baseplate

Baseplate with 2 T-slots.

Milling table FB402

With automatic longitudinal feed. Clamping area 584×242 mm. Longitudinal feed 415 mm. Cross feed 155 mm. incl. intermediate plate.

Milling chuck

Collets ER 6,8,10,12,16 mm (MT3) or 6,8,10,12,20 mm (MT4).

Drill chuck with arbor

0-13 mm, 3-16 mm or 5-20 mm.

Foot operated start switch

Start and stop pedal. Only for spindelmotor, not for power feed.

Foot operated reversing switch

Foot pedal for changing rotation direction of tapping operations.

Machine light

MSC Machine light, LED lamp.

Automatic reversing

Automatic reversing with micro switch for tapping. Maximum 5 reversals per minute.

Coolant equipment

Complete tank (15 l), pump with switch and all tubing’s with accessories.

Tool package MT 3

– Machine vice 120 mm jaws,
– 2 x T-slot nuts
– Chuck 1-13 mm B 16 Metabo with arbor MT 3
– Reduction sleeve no MT3/MT2
– Reduction sleeve no MT3/MT1